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Temasek Junior College Choir

Blended in Voices . Bonded in Spirit

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Back in Concert

15 May 2023, Monday, 7.30pm, Esplanade Concert Hall

Esplanade presents Limelight 2023 featuring the Temasek Junior College Choir! The Temasek Junior College (TJC) Choirs come together to bring you songs of hope and enchantment.


Themed A Little Light Magic, the concert will feature a mix of whimsical and evocative works by composers such as John Bennet, Ola Gjeilo, Pēteris Vasks, Sergei Taneyev and R. Murray Schafer. The choirs will also present songs from the popular musical, Wicked as well as the world premiere of The Sky is Light!, a new commission by Jennifer Tham. Join the choirs as they journey through songs of day and night, casting light and spells at Esplanade! 


Click on the link below to get your tickets at only $15! 


Application period:
May to June 2024

The music world out there is our oyster. And we are eager to explore every nook and cranny of it as one tight-knit community of passionate choristers. Even during the COVID-19 situation, we experimented and redefined what being in a choir is all about. If you possess this same passion and commitment to hone your craft and are looking for a close-knit singing community, then come join us! We are looking for all sorts of choral talents in the making!

Ready for a Singing Adventure?

Join Us!


Through it all, 

we SING!

Our third edition of SING! went online this year as we welcomed the River Valley High School Choir for the exchange. We bonded over our music-making journey in the past year, and had fun over song and games. The recording you see here is a culmination of both choirs’ enthusiasm, determination and commitment over one afternoon to make music together despite being physically apart, because music has the power to bring people together, no matter the distance that the COVID-19 pandemic has created.

Presenting to you @rivervalleysings and @tj.choir 's recording of Nil Linderberg’s arrangement of William Shakespeare’s Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?.

Audio editing by TJChoir’s Aw Jun Hui (CG02/21), Khoo Lei Chern (CG12/21), Ker Jun Yu Thaddeus (CG16/21), and RVHS Choir’s John Tang.

Pink Clouds

Love for Music

Growing our

In the time of COVID-19

Seasons of Love (from Rent the Musical)

Composer: Jonathan Larson

Performed by the TJC Choir 2020

Spreading The Christmas Cheer

White Christmas

Performed by the

TJC Choir 2020

Green Gradient

Congratulations to our TJChoir Alumni!

Our TJChoir Alumni came together with a dream to make music together once again. Against the backdrop of a pandemic, they rose to the occasion and recorded a fitting tribute to the college. Their performance was awarded Silver at the 4th World Virtual Choir Festival. We proudly present to you, the Temasek Singers in action at the festival, conducted by our TJChoir alumnus, Mr Kenny Khoo. 



Every new day could be a time of harmony
      If  people could only be in tune.

TJC 4 (for SCYF).jpg

All the visions you could share,       magic castles in the air,


Seems to fade away

   and vanish all too soon;


But the magic you share when you make music
Won't leave you when the time has come to part;

2017_T4_Choir_Concert (56).jpg

And it feels like you

   never have to say goodbye,

'cos the music's always there in your heart.

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-26 at

lyrics from John Rutter's 'The Music's Always There With You'

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